yab | yet another Basic for HAIKU

Yab is an extended version of yabasic, a BASIC programming language, with special commands designed for Haiku. Yab allows fast prototyping with simple and clean code and contains a large number of BeAPI specific commands for GUI creation and much, much more.

yab-IDE is a powerful development environment, which of course is programmed in yab itself.

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Download yab

Download GetLatest-yab.zip*
Or visit the yab github page: https://github.com/bbjimmy/Yab to roll your own.

* Downloads compiles and installs the latest yab code ( even on pre PM Haiku )


Programming with yab is a free e-book by Michel Clasquin-Johnson

yab is based on, and is an extension of, yabasic. Therefore we include the documentation for yabasic commands.

The yab-Commands file documents the GUI bindings for yab. This is what allows one to open a window and add views, buttons, textviews, textcontrols, etc.

Programming with yab


Thanks to lelldorin and BeSly for formatting and hosting the documentation on-line.


Questions, comments, and suggestions are all welcome!


On-line discussion channel.
#yab on Freenode
Recent IRC discussion log: http://yab.orgfree.com/yab_log.txt

yab :

original yabasic Copyright 1995-2006 by Marc-Oliver Ihm
yab improvements Copyright 2006-2014 by Jan Bungeroth
yab improvements Copyright 2013-2015 by Jim Saxton

originally developed for BeOS / Zeta / Haiku by Team Maui

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