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is peek$("refsreceived") still around? It seems to have dropped out of the documentation. My apps using it don't crash, though
It never was in the IDE help file.

peek$("refsreceived") is a very important command. It is used like this:


Be sure to give your yab app its own appsig. using the buildfactory from the IDE, over-write application/x-vnd.yab-app with something like application/x-vnd.yourcool-app


When your app saves files have it add an attribute:

ATTRIBUTE SET "Mime:, "BEOSTongueREF_APP", "application/x-vnd.yourcool-app", Filename$

Where Filename$ is the name of the file to save.


Have the program open the proper file

if a$<>"" then

// do what it takes to open the file



Add the program to the applications section of FileTypes, /boot/system/preferences/FileTypes


Double click the saved data file and your program is launched with the refsreceived information about what file was double clicked.

This should allow one to double-click the data file and have it open in your program.
Looks like I missed the refsreceived documentation in the last release.

It won't miss the next release ... https://github.com/bbjimmy/YAB/commit/e1...8be4d3ff7f
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