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Full Version: adding the application signature
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yab-IDE 2.2.6 adds some convenience to building your application. No-longer is "application/x-vnd.yab-app" the default application signature.

if the yab filename is "MyApp.yab" then the application signature will default to "application/x-vnd.MyApp"

This default can be over-ridden by placing a comment at the beginning of your yab file.

# MIMETYPE "application/x-vnd.MyCoolApp"
This will change the default for your program to "application/x-vnd.MyCoolApp" regardless of the filename. The comment must be the first or second line of your file.
Thanks for this. Is the space between # and M required?
No, the space is not required. Also // and # are synonomous.

#mimetype and //mimetype are the same.
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