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A Question of Binding - MrEntropy - 04-23-2020

So... not sure about binding. I tried to bind my Dungeon of Danger program. It says it was successful, but when I run it, it complains about a duplicate subroutine (which is all the way at the end of the program).

However, if I run the basic code, it works fine. I'm importing two other files (neither of which have this subroutine it's complaining about).

Any ideas on that one?

Ah. Never mind. For some reason I had it as "export sub" even though it was in the main file. Removing 'export' got it to work. Seems a bit strange to me, but there it is.

RE: A Question of Binding - lorglas - 05-02-2020

Hello MrEntropy,

can you send me the code. so, i can look into it and can help you. i will it deleted it after i m looking at it.

it is easier to help if i see the code.

regards lorglas

lorenz.glaser (at) besly.de

RE: A Question of Binding - MrEntropy - 05-04-2020

Hi there!

You can grab it from Git, if you like: https://github.com/walterlas/DungeonOfDanger-Yab

There are three files that you need, so just take them all. I fixed the binding issue, though.

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