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filepanel yab 1.8 - bbjimmy - 08-18-2021

Apparentky there is an aditional command argument to the filepanel command.

Old implimentation:

select$ = filepanel "Load-File", "Example Filepanel", "/boot/home"

New implimentation:

select$ = FILEPANEL "Load-File", "Example Filepanel", "/boot/home",""

I have no clue what the aditional argument is/will be used for, but this is not documented in the help files for yab/yab-ide.

RE: filepanel yab 1.8 - lorglas - 08-21-2021

Hi, after reactivating the translation function in yab, I had the problem that the programs with filepanel load did not work.  I've found that you have to add an argument at the end to make all work again. The argument corresponds to the suggested file names as for filepanel save.  It seems to be a problem in the implementation of filepanel.

This fact can be found in the yab documentation under filepanel.  However, I had forgotten to adapt (all in one) and to list the change in the change history.

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