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Full Version: Beta watch
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I recently stumbled on a very interesting page: https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/R1/Beta1/T...?version=3

== R1/beta1 Timeline ==

* **18 Aug - 25 Aug**: one week - last minute scramble.

* Don't commit anything risky.

* "Soft" strings freeze begins.

* Testing starts ramping up.

* **25 Aug**: branch {{{r1beta1}}}!

* Buildbot and Buildmaster should be generating beta1 RCs

* Don't forget about HaikuPorts!

* **25 Aug - 7 Sep**:

* ''All hands on deck'' testing of release candidates.

* Unless any unfixable showstoppers are found, don't halt the release.

* Do general polishing of release notes, website, etc. during this time.

* **7 Sep - 10 Sep**

* Finalization of the "golden masters" (should just be images picked from the buildbot)

* One final strings synchronization

* **10 Sep - 18 Sep**

* Release when ready; some window to account for unexpected delays.
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