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Full Version: launching apps minimized
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If you want to launch an app already minimized, you can use the powerful, but woefully underdocumented Haiku utility "hey"

For example, I have BeShare in my /boot/home/config/settings/boot/launch folder. But I don't really want to see it the moment I boot up.

Here is a way to start it up minimized. Well, not really, if your computer is slow it will flash on the screen briefly.

edit /boot/home/config/settings/boot/UserBootscript. Right at the end insert the line
sleep 2
hey BeShare set Minimize of Window [0] to "bool(true)"

"hey" is case-sensitive and every space counts. You may need to experiment with the value of the sleep command if you have a fast machine.

OK, mandatory yab content coming up: This works for yab apps too.
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