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Full Version: adding the application signature
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yab-IDE 2.2.6 adds some convenience to building your application. No-longer is "application/x-vnd.yab-app" the default application signature.

if the yab filename is "MyApp.yab" then the application signature will default to "application/x-vnd.MyApp"

This default can be over-ridden by placing a comment at the beginning of your yab file.

# MIMETYPE "application/x-vnd.MyCoolApp"
This will change the default for your program to "application/x-vnd.MyCoolApp" regardless of the filename. The comment must be the first or second line of your file.
Thanks for this. Is the space between # and M required?
No, the space is not required. Also // and # are synonomous.

#mimetype and //mimetype are the same.

I have this message after add the app signature:

t application/x-vnd.BeInput
Signature in rsrc doesn't match constructor arg. (application/x-vnd.BeInput, application/x-vnd.yab-app)

What i'm doing wrong?

You're doing nothing wrong. Your program needs to be bound or built, otherwise the system looks at the yab binary mimetype and the BeInput mime type and warns that they do not match
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