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RE: libyab.so - bbjimmy - 09-04-2015

Quote:he get a new folder in the home directory called yab. a folder there user add and manage his files.

Not unless he installs the yab-IDE .hpkg

Quote:if i think i need to release a yablib hpkg package for my apps in order to make them runable and available, i will and need this to do.

There is nobody stopping you, but please do not name the lib libyab.so or you will break the ability to have your app and yab both installed on the same system. For you to change the name of the lib for your apps, you will need to change the makefile for yab and the makefile used in the BuildFactory.

Quote:and the haiku devs have not many intention to support yab as needed dev language, who prefer c and c++. you know that. things like removing bison and flex out of yab source because this is not needed talks enough to understand my this.

These changes were made to allow yab to be ported to 64 bit systems and make yab easier to maintain by not using a non-standarfd version of flex. Yes, the haiku devs do not want to use or promote yab, but they do see the value in it and have helped me when I have run into issues that I do not understand.

RE: libyab.so - clasqm - 07-25-2016

Have we reached a consensus on this? I see some new updates from Lelldorin's repo now require the libyab.so hpkg. Sorry, Lelldorin, but I cannot afford to have my main yab installation compromised by a different version of the library. I don't know if that is the same as the latest one in yab.

Can't you call it something like libyab_lelldorin.so? that would solve the problem for everybody.

RE: libyab.so - bbjimmy - 07-25-2016

From what I can tell. libyab.so is backward compatible. the newest libyab.so should run old binaries. as long as nothing is removed from yab, this should remain this way. Requiring a libyab.so package for your app is the wrong way to go and limiting your audiance as this will un-install yab to add a yab app.

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