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yab - bbjimmy - 11-20-2015

yab has been released.


-add cursor to textedit set command
-add textedit get "countphysicallines"
-fix ran() command
-add small gutter to textedit view

And minor typo and other documentation fixes.

Download the hpkg or the " get the latest yab" script from http://yab.orgfree.com

see http://yab.orgfree.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8 for how to update yab.

RE: yab - bbjimmy - 11-28-2015

Version is now on the FatElk repo:


As HaikuDepot has issues installing a newer version from a third-party repo, to install direct from the FatElk repo:

if FatElk isn't already added to your depot list:

pkgman add-repo coquillemartialarts.com/fatelk/repo

Then, due to the HaikuDeopt issue ... see https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/12503

pkgman install yab=

RE: yab - clasqm - 11-28-2015

Thanks for the workaround, BBJ, but this really is something Andrew Lindesay should look into. I'll be watching the ticket with interest.

RE: yab - bbjimmy - 01-29-2016

One can now install yab from the FatElk repo ( I changed the priority of the repo to one. ) The only change from is to allow yab to run on the most recent nightlies as they moved a BPrivate function that we use to the Public api.

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