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Updating yab - bbjimmy - 06-30-2015

There are several things that have changed from the old (ver 1.5 - 1.7 .zip installations ) versions of yab. Most of these changes were to allow yab-IDE  to be installed and run using the .hpkg format:

The BuildFactory working directory is now in /hoot/home/yab_work/BuildFactory.

Example Programs are found in /boot/home/yab_work/Programs/Examples

Library progrmas are found in /boot/home/config/settings/yab

When updating from a pre-PM  version, delete /boot/home/config/settings/yab-ide/ide-settings to make yab-IDE start properly   and move your libraries and programs to the appropriate folders.

Updating from an older .hpkg or recent zipfile:

Delete /boot/home/config/settings/yab-ide/ide-settings to make the yab-IDE start properly

Delete /boot/home/yab_work/BuildFactory, This folder will be re-built from the proper sources.


if you have custom yab libraries in ~/config/settings/yab , back them up before launching yab as this folder will be overwritten.

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