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Embedded Null characters and std::string
I am working on the next version 1.8. And I think it's better to change this for yab 2.0. 


Then it could be a complete rewrite in c ++ so that yab can be free from the original yabasic. Also, yab works with gcc 8 or higher, so we no longer use gcc2. But you can also make a new development and name it differently. 
There is no problem.
 We can have two basic ones. I like your enthusiasm for making changes to this yab and if I understand correctly there will be little left of the original code. Only the command syntax remains the same.

Jan__64 has seid that he comes back if Haiku has reached R1 Status and work again on it. I don't think so. He has say a long time ago, that he think to rewrite yab with lua.

I think your way can be the better way. Did you have Version for testing?

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