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yab has been released.


-add cursor to textedit set command
-add textedit get "countphysicallines"
-fix ran() command
-add small gutter to textedit view

And minor typo and other documentation fixes.

Download the hpkg or the " get the latest yab" script from

see for how to update yab.
Version is now on the FatElk repo:

As HaikuDepot has issues installing a newer version from a third-party repo, to install direct from the FatElk repo:

if FatElk isn't already added to your depot list:

pkgman add-repo

Then, due to the HaikuDeopt issue ... see

pkgman install yab=
Thanks for the workaround, BBJ, but this really is something Andrew Lindesay should look into. I'll be watching the ticket with interest.
One can now install yab from the FatElk repo ( I changed the priority of the repo to one. ) The only change from is to allow yab to run on the most recent nightlies as they moved a BPrivate function that we use to the Public api.

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