Embedded Null characters and std::string
Due to extensive rewrites needed to make Yab compile into C++, I was wondering if rewriting the string handling routines to use the standard template libraries would be an acceptable first step to writing an updated Yab.  (Std::Strings are length terminated and are resistant against embedded null characters screwing things up.)

I've looked at the original YaBasic sources on Linux and it is a terrible mess.  If Yab is to be a permanently deviated fork from the original YaBasic, perhaps I could look into optimizing the source to use the C++ standard template library routines.  I figure that Haiku is written in C++ anyway and it might make things smaller to depend on libStdC++ for the existing runtime libraries built-in to the OS.  (Unlike YaBasic which uses Ruby for its build system and Autoconf and Automake along with Gnu Make and other scripting that those drag in as dependencies.)

Now for the real question:  Will pull requests to bbjimmy's repo be accepted for the C++ enhanced version of Yab?

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