View remove and scrollbar
Hello bbjimmy,

create solution. I have also test it befor, but i have make a mistake with the extra view.
I works, nice.


(08-24-2015, 03:04 PM)bbjimmy Wrote: It seems the scrollbars are actually attatched to the parent view. place the view you wish to scroll on another view and remove both the scrollable view and its parent.

View 2,120 to WindowSize_x,WindowSize_y, "parentview", Start_FensterName$
View 0,0 to WindowSize_x-15,WindowSize_y-35, "Malflaeche", "parentview"
SCROLLBAR "scroll", 3, "Malflaeche" //"Malflaeche"
SCROLLBAR SET "scroll", "plain-border"
SCROLLBAR SET "scroll", "Vertical Position", 0
SCROLLBAR SET "scroll", "Horizontal Position", 0

view_exists=view get "Malflaeche","exists"
print view_exists
if (view_exists=1) then
view remove "Malflaeche"
view remove  "parentview"

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