Game programming in YAB
I am interested in writing a very simple 2D game with a mouse-controlled player sprite. Are there any game-specific tutorials or guides for YAB for this purpose?
I think what you are looking for is partly shown in Walk.yab and Ping.yab in /boot/home/yab_work/Programs/Examples
I think the way to do this (based on what I've read from the "Programming YAB" e-book), would be to pull up the location of the mouse pointer (cursor) and then position the desired graphic in the exact position, hiding the mouse (which is "under" it). But the edges of the graphic have to be collision-detecting, not the mouse pointer. Hmm...
you can also directly query the position of the mouse, but you can not create a mousepointer, if then just put a graphic to this point

I have Upload my experimental game test with yab on git

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