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i have created a new version of yab. (calls like yab 1.7.7 and yab 1.7.8). yab 1.7.7 includes various bug fixes and reactivating Sound. yab 1.7.8 has a new command >Mediasound<.
bbjimmy got me back info that old bound programs would not work then with yab 1.7.8.

So I question the conversion to lib yab and yab, which should prevent that. I had the following suggestions?

1. You leave yab as it is. Then it would never be developed.

2. You recompile your programs to the new yab version.

3. You build yab back as a bin and use a c script which starts the yab
program. So you always have an executable file and yab is started as a script. Lelldorin has a script to do that.

4. A greate a new branch of this language. but thats not cool. In the past we have to recompile our old programs to a new yab version.

P.s. The next think i would to implement is array_sort / array_search / joystick. But I don't know if I can do it.

Regards lorglas
I know how to write a transpiler to convert YAB to C or C++ source. If YAB had an external runtime it would be much easier to implement. This plan seems to be different from your proposed solutions but the hard part remains extracting the parser from the original interpreter.
We cannot ignore the innovations.

Unfortunately, there are times when you have to rebuild things. We (Lorglas and I) know this well enough from the past.

New features and reactivated old functions made to be available as official build.
This also sets an example to the outside to show that one is working on the language and new things are possible.
The proper change would be to name the lib libyab-1.7.8,so. This will require some magic foo to package properly, but it can be done.

two thinks:
if its working with libyab_1.7.8.so, then you must generate for each new version a new libyab.so. it is not so perfect.

How a yabprogram knows which lib is the right one. Can be both libs exits together. Can be that the yab Program go to the old lib and doesn't work. It must be tested. And this isn't my prefert solution.

Regard lorglas
The yab binary is linked to libyab.so and a built / bound program includes the yab binary so yes more than one libyab can exist on the same system. Libyab only needs to be changed if a new command is added to yab as this is what causes older programs not to load. So we would not need a new libyab unless the yab command list changes. This is why libyab.so has not changed its name so far.

i have test it, it isn't work.

If i had yab 1.7.6 installed, and i put the new libyab_1.7.9.so in the non-package folder and start a new yab program (including the new command) it doesn't work.
I change also the first commandline in the yab program, but nothing work.

So. i copy libyab from 1.7.6 to the non-package folder and test it again. It seems that its works.

So i will be updated the make file.

Regards lorglas

Makefile is updated.

Hope it is working.
you must change the name of the library in the makefile to make it build and link to libyab-1.7.8.so. then you can yave the original lib and the new one and both run old programs and use the new command in new programs.

I have tested it and it works.

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