resolved... Caution with updated yab .hpkg in HaikuDepot
The main yab .hpkg has been updated in HaikuDepot to yab 1.7.5. This is the latest release. The trouble is that the yab-IDE .hpkg was not updated. This means that the yab-IDE available from HaikuDepot cannot build a binary file as it doesn't kbow how to link to To use this latest yab, one needs to install yab_ide-2.2.5-1-x86_gcc2.hpkg from see updating yab after installing the IDE to make everything work as it should.
Once the packaging sysyem is in full swing, you could just make sure to have the latest versions on the fatelk repo - you got a listing in the standard WP bookmarks so users should be able to find it.
The issue has been resolved, yab_ide-2.2.5-1 is now hosted in the haikudepot repository.

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