The Nightly Watch (with apologies to Rembrandt)
(01-31-2016, 04:37 AM)clasqm Wrote: Lelldorin, if you think this should be done in a different way, go ahead, start your own thread and do things your way. Your constant complaining about this thread is getting irritating. I started this thread to alert people to major problems I have encounterd with nightlies. You don't update daily, weekly or monthly, as you have stated on the facebook forum, so this thread is not for you. It is for people who update frequently and who might appreciate knowing that there is a problem on the horizon.

Don't like the thread? Don't read it. Think you can do better? Go ahead and show me.

This is already clear to me but the problems with the system often have grounds which also depend on the hardware. So irritates me that you did not address. Or you change even daily, weekly hardware? Sorry if I have to a different view and wants to give an incentive to define it a bit clearer, especially as this should be a yab Forum here and this is probably more for the Haiku Forum would (white backgrounds, deleted Listings Post etc ...).

As for the answers to the other side, I can do not have any current Haiku running version because it does not load after installation. Because I do not update my system already from time to time but as "users" in small intervals.

But ok, I'll keep my mouth shut and not send any further comments on this post.

Have a nice day, and do not feel the same Attacked.

* Written words have the problem that they can always be read on the A or indeed other ways. (Google translate do the rest ;-))

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