The Nightly Watch (with apologies to Rembrandt)
Every week or two I download a new nightly image and see if it will boot. I load the desktop rather than the installer, then test networking, sound and run a few of the included apps to see how this hrev holds up. If it looks stable I boot to the hard disk, take a deep breath and update my haiku installations using Jim's update script.

I will be reporting my progress here. Please feel free to join in. Keep 2 things in mind:

1. This is not for the Haiku devs' benefit. It is to inform fellow users which nighlies are stable enough to install. This does not absolve you from filing tickets.

2. My chosen test medium is an ISO burned to CDR. If you are getting a different result (or the same one) burning .anyboot to a USB thumb drive, or running a raw image in a virtual PC, please specify that.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor any other participant takes responsibility for what any hrev can do to your system. Systems configurations vary considerably yada yada yada. We are just reporting what we can see happening on our systems.

hrev49514: Some minor selection issues in tracker. Networking OK for www, ftp not working. Sound OK. Seems stable.

hrev49548: boots to a blue screen with a cursor. No Tracker or Deskbar. Axel's new launchdaemon needs more work. Avoid.

EDIT openjdk is broken in hrev49514. see

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