(08-31-2015, 03:19 PM)bbjimmy Wrote:
(08-31-2015, 02:27 PM)lelldorin Wrote: This is not the right way. If i add the library into my hpkg file i hae the same size for the program as before. This does not make any sense. If i have the gatget to make yab apps smaler i need to install as requiroment or over a reposerver as single installfile. If i add every time the library i can make a selfexecuting yab file with bound yab and source file as before too. Thats the same.

We add the library for programs ported from haiku 4.1 to pm by lorglas, because he used the latest yab version with splitted yab and program file. So he need to add this library on our repository to make his programs runable.

A other problem with requiroments is that if you remove for exaple yab with included, alls programs who required thispackage are deinstalled too :-(. Stupid workaround

The problem with a package is that newer yab programs may not find the new features / fixes in this lib, and there would be no way for the user to know why some yab programs run and others don't.

By uesing:

requires {
yab >= 1.7.5

instead of

requires {

One can insure that the program will run.

note: the 1.7.5 will change in later versions of yab, for say 1.8 will work for a program built with 1.7.5, not the other way around.

If we package programs requiring we open the door to users installing a program built with a later version of yab than the that is already installed, this causing the new program not to run.

if he has yab1.7.5 installed and a new hpkg needs yab1.8.0, the new version of yab is installed and both the new and old programs will continue to run properly.

there is the problem? we need to solve this like all other libs too. every lib version need to be the version nummer included the filename and every lib version need a own package. so you can have more tgen one yablib ibstalled and all yab apps are running

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