Hello bbjimmy,
First of all thanks for the bug fixes.

What I found not so good that you do not write the solution to my problem on the Beusergroup on Beusergroup but have only set link . Furthermore, you had to write me and ask why a well is on the Besly package.

Now times a problem.
It is currently not possible as individually specify the required package, since it in Haiku Depot is not available separately, but only with yab together. That's why I've tried, if I can call as repo the dependence of my and hence can install.
This currently is not and it took about a half a day for a solution to look for me.

Thus yab for me is currently unusable because my programs are to be given out as a standalone solution. The User should not unnecessarily yab install. You do not really need.

The background:
Lelldorin and I have time jan64 long annoyed until he has made us Yab, which has its programs as stand alone programs without yab to install. first time was the bind function, however, he had to improve this even more, because you could look in the source code at the time. We did not want. Therefore, then, he has adapted the Build Factory for us again.

At the
If I have understood correctly, there is a minimal yab. Can anyone guarantee that the later programs are displayed correctly me. Button in the right size etc. or do I have but my program after an update yab adapt because something does not fit.

While it saves a few KB, but what does it cost today space or traffic during download? It does not cost much, and the programs are not really big although yab is tied with the program.

With the current version of yab I can not give out programs, because I do not want to set as a function yab.

There are three possible solutions.
1. offering individually, so you can put this as a dependency, or
2. Build rebuild the factory, the yab is again packed directly to the program.
3. One could build the factory with a switch fitted (eg Standalone specify) so that you have both versions. Small Binary with dependence or slightly larger than Binary standalone.

it was first


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