(09-01-2015, 10:30 PM)lelldorin Wrote: how do want to do that?

i am using yab sience first time. i often have to rebuild many of my programs to get all new features in yab for this in this time because the changes are to deep. so my apps does not run anymore because, for example changes on the window command (position of window be changed). this every month... this was hard and frustrating. if you use all the time the same package name the user can only install this and breaks eventually older programs. if we add at the library a Versionsnumber like all other libraries too we solve this problem. or we need one package, but must be inkluded all Versions. i think this point of libyab is not competly managed and we need to get a solution on this in order to does not break older programs.

what is the problem to compile with the version number included?
what kind of problem this have to you?

please do not forget that yab is open source and other ones (jan comes back on r1?) make his own version like you in the Future.

we need version specification

This is true, but yab has matured to the point that we are not re-working features and options, but rather adding new options to commands or new commands and not changing / removing old ones.

Even with all the changes made recently to textcontrol, there are no changes that broke older programs. With care, this will continue. If / when there is a break, will be re-named to reflect this, and older programs will need to be re-compiled to use the new library. At that point, a may be required to allow older programs to continue to run.

On the other hand, if we insist on having a libyab package so that our compiled programs can use this as a dependency instead of yab, this triggers the following.

Changing from two .hpkg files for yab to four.

Adding a libyab.hpkg

Adding a Libyab_devel.hpkg

Adding libyab.hpkg as a dependency for the yab .hpkg so that the yab.hpkg no-longer includes this lib.

Adding libyab-devel as a dependency to the yab_ide.hpkg as this will no-longer be included with the yab.hpkg that yab_ide.hpkg depends on.

The /system/lib folder will get a new file every time there is a change to yab as libyab is really where the yab code resides even though the library is backward compatible.

Compiled programs will need to refer to

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