(09-03-2015, 10:50 AM)bbjimmy Wrote: For a user there is no difference. He installs a program and one additional .hpkg is installed.

He gets some extra stuff, but nothing is linked into the applications menu from the yab.hpkg. As far as user experiance goes, there is no difference between installing yab or installing

he get a new folder in the home directory called yab. a folder there user add and manage his files.

Quote:He does get the extra benefit of being able to run a yab script without needing to install another .hpkg.

this is true and sounds right but you steel the user his self choosing.

Quote:At this point, re-thinking the issue, I see no reason to have a libyab .hpkg.

the discution does not based to have a libyab.hpkg the discussion based on how to handle yab version problems. if i think i need to release a yablib hpkg package for my apps in order to make them runable and available, i will and need this to do.

Quote:If there is a real issue with the current packaging that actually impacts the user or usability, I will change my position, but just to make the user feel that his program is a real program doesn't convince me.

haiku needs a little bit zeta feeling, because all devs only thinking like devs and not for the users. i see this many times. if you do not think so is it ok, but does not be angry if other people makes his own way to solve this.

and the haiku devs have not many intention to support yab as needed dev language, who prefer c and c++. you know that. things like removing bison and flex out of yab source because this is not needed talks enough to understand my this.

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