How to cut and paste snippets from this forum
You read the code examples here and you think "that's great let me try it". So you cut the code to the clipboard, paste it into TryThis.yab, and ...

---Error in TryThis.yab, line 29: syntax error at "0xff"

OK, if you haven't given up on yab yet, here's the issue: some browsers don't send out very "clean" unicode/ascii to the clipboard, and WebPositive is one of them. "0xff" is geek-talk for the number 255 and Extended ASCII 255 should be the letter "ΓΏ" but in this case it is embedded as an invisible little bit of binary that messes up our code.

The solution is very simple: USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER. Cutting the same code from Qupzilla provides clean text with no hidden surprises.

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