brace yourselves: font change is coming
According to this notice Haiku's default font will change from DejaVu to Noto. DejaVu will be a downloadable package not included in the default install

If you have been lazy like me and not specified your fonts in your applications, you may want to upgrade once this change has come though and see what your apps look like now. Maybe it will be all right, but maybe there will be that one button where the text gets cut off. But if you did specify your fonts and want to keep it that way, you'll need to specify DejaVu in your HPKG as a dependency.

Hmm, in href 50714 all the fonts fall back to Bitstream Charter. I've put in a ticket.
How does one add a font requirement to an .hpkg?
requires {

same as anything else, I guess. If it exists as an HPKG you can specify it as a dependency.

the current package is listed here:
In my experience you can ignore the capitalisation and just give it in lowercase. Don't know why it is in the x86_64 repository. B ut you should have it in your /boot/system/packages folder
Fixed Bookmarker and noose .hpkg files. Thanks for the heads-up.
It seems that they changed back to DejaVu. The changes I made to packages to require DejaVu are not now required, but if they change fonts again I'm covered.
<groan> Sometimes I have to ask myself why we bother ...
At least requiring dejavu doesn't break the package.

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