error report
Updated to today's latest yab from FatElk repo, on top of the latest Hrev 50906. And they don't like each other, not one little bit.

[Image: screenshot1.png]
Also reported on the Haiku system: The error persists when I downgrade yab all the way down to, so it looks like they changed something on the Haiku side of things.
It seems that yab needs to be re-compiled as they changed some things to do with TabView. The script does work on newer nightlies. I have not set-up haikuporter on a recent nightly yet, but soon there will be a newer .hpkg.

This should allow older programs that were built with the BuildFactory to work. Unfortunately, bound programs will need to be re-bound with a newer version of yab.
Ok, I made .hpkg files for yab and yab-IDE on hrex50904 on the laptop and it works as expected, Old yab apps built with work as well. now to update my development computer so I can update the FatElk repo.
The new .hpkg files are up on the repo. Since the change in Haiku happened at the same time I updated yab, I didn't change the .hpkg names.

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