The Nightly Watch (with apologies to Rembrandt)
hrev 49627: Hmm, well, we are now booting from the CD, but the installer, and the mount command, does not see the hard disk at all. Still, it's an improvement from last week. In the meantime, I am back at hrev 49562.
hrev49662: stable, boots without incident. OpenJDK still broken.
(09-30-2015, 08:21 AM)clasqm Wrote: hrev49662: stable, boots without incident. OpenJDK still broken.

hrev49666: stable, boots without incident. OpenJDK fixed.
hrev49711: stable, everything works
hrev49754 - stable

Correction: WebPositive crashes on launch
hrev49814: WebPositive is back, but Haikudepot crashes.
hrev49819: Does not install cleanly via the usual update script. Perhaps wait a while while the effects of the coding sprint work themselves out. EDIT: the actual problem seems to be in libcurl. I'm going to have to reinstall from ISO. Good thing I keep a little partition just for testing new nighlies!
hrev49939: Everything seems stable

EDIT: spoke too soon. Keyboard shortcuts are broken. I've filed a ticket.
hrev50028: crashes. All yab apps compiled since we moved tothe libyab model nonfunctional!
I can see in this post about your haiku installation no sense. What are you writing this? So that we know what is going on your system? There is no hardware-specific information or other evidence which a developer could do something.

For me, it would make sense if the first post would include the hardware specifications and the haiku version, to the currently functioning programs, applications, functions, and on the other hand, the non-working areas.

Then you can certainly post on such a simple way the changes, but as this affects me as SPAM.

Sorry my view
Lelldorin, if you think this should be done in a different way, go ahead, start your own thread and do things your way. Your constant complaining about this thread is getting irritating. I started this thread to alert people to major problems I have encounterd with nightlies. You don't update daily, weekly or monthly, as you have stated on the facebook forum, so this thread is not for you. It is for people who update frequently and who might appreciate knowing that there is a problem on the horizon.

Don't like the thread? Don't read it. Think you can do better? Go ahead and show me.

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