Visual editor for Yab widgets

Is there a program for YAB in which you can visually create GUI?
I create such an app for myself  but maybe it is already IDE/visual editor Big Grin .
As in drag a wiget on to a view in the editor and save code that duplicates this? There is no "visual" editor that I am aware of. It might be a good project to work on.
Just like Visual Basic with a basic widgets code generator.
These are my beginnings in Yab and I have a first problem. Is it possible to refresh the window after changing the position of the widget? A similar feature to draw flush?
The window is not what needs to be refreshed. The main view can be removed and re-added with the new configuration. this effectively flushes the window and re-draws everything. there are restrictions to this.


Remove View$. The window view cannot be removed. Should be much more stable now.
Warning: Currently clears all internal information about menues and drop boxes. It is only safe to use it, when you don't have any menues or drop boxes on views that will not be removed.


Never remove menus with shortcuts, otherwise yab will crash when the shortcut key is pressed!
Thank you! View works as I expected and I already have the first working version ot the editor.
Pre, pre-alpha  Wink 


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