New on the clasqm repo: Yabadabbadoo beta 3
Yabadabbadoo is an alternative IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Jan Bungeroth and Jim Saxton's yab programming language for Haiku.

Yabadabbadoo differs from the official yab IDE in that it creates subroutines (and some other important parts of your program) as separate files, then glues them together as required. This makes it easier to write long programs: instead of constantly scrolling up and down between subroutines, you just double-click on the one you want to edit - more like we used to work in QuickBasic. Debugging, on the other hand, becomes a little more tricky than in the official IDE.
[Image: yabadabbadoo_med-2.png]
Yabadabbadoo suggests that you reserve workspace 4 for its own use and for best results demands a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 on that workspace.

Source code is included. In Yabadabbadoo format, of course. Also included is the source code for a text editor that is written during the integrated Tutorial.

New in Beta 3:

* Workspace 4 is recommended, but not required.
* Works a little better with screens less than 1024x768.
* Transfer your project to the official yab IDE.
* Create desktop shortcuts so you can start Yabadabbadoo with your current project loaded with just a double-click.

Please REMOVE any previous Yabadabbadoo installations before installing this one. The change in architecture from "x86_gcc2" to "any" means that previous installations may not be removed cleanly.

Get it from the repo or download at sourceforge

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