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My new app Setpermissions is now available on the repo. The mechanics of it are fairly simple: it is basically a front-end to chmod. But This is my first app in which I have given a thought to Internationalization. Not only how to get the labels on the buttons, but how to fit them on in different languages. The vertical dimensions of the widgets are still hardcoded, but the horizontal ones are not. A single variable at the end of the Internationalization file will shrink or stretch the interface horizontally, so that, for example, long German labels will fit on the buttons.

[Image: setpermissions_med.png]

Like all my apps, this one is Public Domain and source code is supplied. Criticism is welcomed.
Easy help text tool:

[Image: helptool.png]

This is not about yab commands, it is about making it easy to add a help tool to your application. the treebox and helpiew are both created by reading one text file. The file allows for two html style tags one for headings and one for a horizontal rule. The first heading one tag is used for the Window label:

[Image: helptext.png]

There is no need to create an index, simply create the help text file.
I added an image tag:

[Image: helptext1.png]

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Updated the program, now it doesn't rely on DejaVu fonts

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I am writing an app launcher called LiftOff. It duplicates some of the Deskbar's functionality, but it scrolls a lot quicker!

The idea is that you assign it to a key shortcut, Let's say you are righthanded, then you assign it to F1. LiftOff always appears on the opposite side of the screen than the Deskbar. Then you use the mouse to select your app (single-click). LiftOff launches the app and shuts down.

I should have a hpkg to post for testing in a day or two.
A test build of LiftOff is now available. Comments welcome.
A major rewrite of the Yabadabbadoo IDE (0.4.1) is now up on the repo.

Beta 4 brings in the following features:

* Links to yab resources in the Help menu.
* Removed obsolete Update feature. We have package management now.
* Limited Github integration - Yabadabbadoo will autodetect if you have installed the separate package 'yabadabbadoo_github_integration'. This is limited to initialising, pushing new changes to and pulling changes from Github. No merges or branching, this is just a way to backup your files, really. To create a new Github project you will have to launch the website. Will probably also work with BitBucket, Sourceforge and other git sites.
* Direct access to the yab BuildFactory (won't work on x86_64 for now, sorry)
* the libclasqm library is now a dependency. The packaging system should take care of that for you.
* A fond goodbye to the yab4ybd link. Yabdabbadoo will now warn you if any of your old projects still have this deprecated feature in the shebang line.
* Updates to the YabAssistant help data, shameslessly stolen from the Official yab IDE
* Integration with the vstm-gui todo manager (if installed) to let you keep track of your Yabadabbadoo projects.
* Integration with more text editors (if installed) in the Send 'to ...'. menus.
* Global search using the TextSearch utility.
* Global replace in the subs folder using sustituye.
* Now remembers your project folder and does not default to /boot/home every time you open a new project.

This is sort of an alpha of a beta. Backup your projects often!

uploading to the x86_gcc2 repo now. x86_64 will hopefully follow within this week.

My apps Trope and Rondel have received minor updates recently. No new features, just a bugfix. Both are undergoing code cleanup.
I have added many new tags and am in the process of better documentation:

[Image: makehelp.png]

one can now bold and change the color of the text or make it monospaced. Now there is a launch button that will launch any app and one can chose a background color, over-ridiong the user's preference.
(04-24-2017, 09:34 AM)clasqm Wrote: A major rewrite of the Yabadabbadoo IDE (0.4.1) is now up on the repo.

This is looking really nice! Good work.

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